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At the core of
Advanced Therapies

About Anemocyte

Anemocyte is a BMO, a lead innovator in the field of Advanced Therapies. A dynamic reality, driving force behind projects aiming to truly improve the quality of our lives. A solid organization, thanks to its strong scientific, technical, regulatory expertise, moved by a deep passion for life, today Anemocyte is the place where the Therapies of tomorrow are born.


Anemocyte does not stand alone in its pursuit, as it is part of the Nine Trees Group. Over sixty years of experience, serving the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. FIS Group is an international reality able to combine with passion transversal competences in chemistry and biology, in accordance with the highest international quality standards.

the Infinite Alpha infinite Alpha symbol

The naming of Anemocyte is the result of the combination of the words “ánemos” and “cyte”. From this union, the Infinite Alpha is created, a symbol that incorporates the values of the company.

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Anemocyte mission
Anemocyte mission
Anemocyte mission
Anemocyte mission


To be the core
of Cell &
Gene Therapy

In a constantly evolving environment like the medical
and bio-pharmaceutical field, the new frontier is represented
by Advanced Therapies.

Anemocyte dedicates its knowledge and its talents to anticipate and transform this potential into tangible solutions. Anemocyte is at the heart of change, where a challenge becomes a result, and a limit becomes an opportunity. What drives our talents is the love for innovation, the commitment and dedication to constantly improve the quality of the patients’ lives. Our talents are here to restore life, creating a new future.

Anemocyte vision


Talented Souls
Innovating Life

Anemocyte looks at the present, anticipating the future.

A future where medicine will be closer to the people and of the people. A future where each individual’s participation can make a crucial and vital difference. Anemocyte aims to become the link between the scientific community and our society, a place where science and soul meet.

Our People

means talents

At the center of evolution, there are people who believe that change is possible. Here at Anemocyte, we support, value and inspire those with a vision of a different world. A world where science can give life new opportunities. Those who made our mission and vision theirs, find in Anemocyte the perfect environment to develop their abilities. When we find a new talent, we discover potential growth for our company project. Personal skills and the ability to dream go hand in hand with professional and business growth. What we make, is possible only thanks to our talents.

talents for cells


Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of Anemocyte? If you share our vision and you would like to contribute with your talent to our innovating mission, contact us. We are looking for talented souls like you.

Anemocyte Headquarters Map


Anemocyte Headquarters

  • Strategic Position – Greater Milan Area, three international airports within 50 Km.
  • GMP Facility – 500 sq. m. for Advanced Theraphy production under cGMP.
  • Innovation & Development (I&D) – 300 sq. m. lab space for technological implementation, tech transfer and process development.


Advanced Therapy
Medicinal Products

We provide quality driven innovative
solutions for advanced therapies.
Cell Therapy Platform

Cell and non-viral Gene Modified Cell platform

Manufacturing of autologous and allogeneic products.
Grade: GMP or High Quality

DNA Platform

DNA Platform

Plasmid DNA for vaccination or viral vector production.
Grade: GMP or High Quality

Gene Therapy Platform

Gene Therapy Platform

Process Development and implementation for viral vector and gene modified cells in our I&D unit.
Grade: High Quality

Anemocyte today
Anemocyte tomorrow


Beyond the present,
creating a new future

Expansion phase 2018-2020
Gene Therapy Platform

Cell Therapy Platform

Implementation of GMP spaces dedicated to Viral Vectors and Gene Modified cells production for clinical applications.
Grade: GMP or High Quality

Custom GMP Spaces

Custom GMP Spaces

Custom GMP spaces to address up to commercial needs.
Scale: up to Commercial.

Meet us here


Boston, USA

16-17 April 2019


Barcellona, Spain

23-25 April 2019


Milan, Italy

08-09 May 2019


London, UK

15-17 May 2019

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In this press release page you can find a selection of the main articles about Anemocyte
published by newspapers and magazines, both online and on paper.


Let’s make real change happen together.

Anemocyte S.r.l.


Single Shareholder Private Limited-Liability Company

Via R. Lepetit, 34 | 21040 Gerenzano (VA) Italy
Ph: +39 02 99372311 | Fax: +39 02 99372313

VAT number: 12914940155
Share capital € 530.000,00 fully paid
R.E.A. 276961

Anemocyte is a proud member of

Anemocyte S.r.l.
Single Shareholder Private Limited-Liability Company

Via R. Lepetit, 34 | 21040 Gerenzano (VA) Italy
Ph: +39 02 96474804 | Fax: +39 02 96474800

VAT number: 12914940155
Share capital € 530.000,00 fully paid
R.E.A. 276961

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